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Thursday, February 7, 2008

"100 Day"

Today was "100 Day" for Brian at school. Apparently they have been in school for 100 days today. To celebrate he had to wear something that pertained to 100. So it was suggested to create a shirt that either had 100 things on it or had the number 100 on it and we were encouraged to be creative. When I asked Brian what he might want to do I was explaining to him how we were going to make something on a shirt about it. I reminded him how we had made his Seattle Seahawks shirt for the day he had to wear a shirt for his favorite sports team. His eyes got big and he explaimed, "I want 100 Seahawks!" Well I did my best to accomadate his request. Instead of 100 Seahawks we ended up with 50 football helmets and 50 footballs (thus equalling 100) pinned all over his Seahawks t-shirt. He loved it. We cut them out of felt. Thanks to my Sizzix die cut maching it was easy-- I love that thing! Here are some pictures:

He really is a Seahawks fan-- self proclaimed, as he decided for himself that was his favorite team. We think it has to do with the fact that while we lived in Washington was when the Seahawks made it to the Super Bowl so we watched them on TV all the time and that's who we were cheering for. At least he didn't pick one of the big rivals of his Daddy's favorite team the Raiders. I don't know what might happen if we ever end up with a Broncos or Chiefs fan. Anyways, he loves his Seahawks shirt and is very proud of it. As I said we made it. It's pretty hard to find Seahawks stuff in the east-- go figure! It was a plain white t-shirt. We went in on the internet and found a picture that he liked, added the words, printed it off, and ironed it on. Now Andrew keeps reminding me that he needs a Raiders shirt-- his favorite team. Now he has even decided that he needs helmets and footballs pinned to his too. Maybe Brian will have to share even though they will be the wrong color. When it comes to favorite teams I guess poor Timothy doesn't have a choice. Brian and Andrew have both told him that he is a Cardinals fan. Not sure where that one came from but they consistently say that. So I guess at our house we say, "Go Raiders, Seahawks, & Cardinals!" But in the case of the Super Bowl this year all the boys were happily cheering for the Giants with Mommy. They even danced around and did a little victory dance when they won. Silly kids!

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Suzie-Q said...

Wow!! What a fun 100 day!! That was a great idea. I love my sizzix too thank you so much for your input with it!! I've been using mine all the itme with the books and a bunch of cards.
Guess what we got our taxes done and We will most likely be going home for spring break.
Yeah for us!!!