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Wednesday, August 27, 2008


“Quickening” is the term used to mean the first time a pregnant mother feels her baby move. This last week has brought that special experience to us—or me I guess would be the better term. Although it is early there is definitely movement in there. They say “Quickening” usually happens between 17-20 weeks for most but everyone differs with some sooner and some later. There are two things in my favor that increase my chances of feeling movement so early, 1: I am carrying twins, and 2: I am an experienced mother (this is not a self proclaimed title it is one given to me by “the books” meaning I have been pregnant before so apparently I know stuff already). It’s very interesting, I remember with one that at first I could feel movement only in one spot. With these two I can feel it all over. So instead of the “brush of a fish fin” that they describe in “the books” it’s more like the brush of all the legs of an octopus at once. No one else can feel them yet but I definitely can. Andrew can’t wait to feel them. The other day he came to me all sad and asked, “When will your tummy get big so I can feel the babies kick?!” Soon enough I’m sure! :)
“The books” also say that the babies are developed enough at this point to get the hiccups. I can feel the baby on the top the most, probably because of its position, and I’m sure that it had hiccups this morning. At first I couldn’t figure out the strange muscle spasm I was having and then finally, since I am an “experienced mother,” I realized what it was.

Everyone has many questions for me so I will try to answer some of the most common ones now.

Have you had Morning Sickness? Please don’t hate me, (especially Kristen, Becky, Suzie, and Charissa) but I have had none! I have never really had any morning sickness with any of my pregnancies and have been lucky enough to not have even one queasy moment with this one. Which is good since I really don’t think I could’ve handled our crazy move otherwise. The Lord truly blesses us!!

How are you feeling? I am feeling fine. I just get tired easy and am hungry all the time. But those are all normal things so I just try to eat and rest a lot. I have to eat a lot since I’m supposed to be consuming 3,500 calories a day. That’s a ton! Oh, and I am freezing all the time. I guess the babies are sapping all my energy and heat. I live in my jacket and I’m sure all the neighbors are wondering why I am dressed so warm all the time.

How big are you? Well, I am much bigger than I normally am at this point. I look at least a month, maybe two, farther along them I am. So I am looking pregnant. If you know me then no doubt I look pregnant. If you don’t know me then you wonder if I am pregnant or just pudgy. No I haven’t had to resort to the maternity clothes yet but probably soon. My wardrobe is becoming very limited. Amazingly my pants still fit even all the way done up. I think that’s because they are low-rise jeans and they were too big to begin with anyway. :)

Do twins run in my family? My sister has a set—one boy and one girl. I guess fraternal twins are the only ones that can be hereditary and they come from the mother’s side. So my other two sisters better watch out, they may be next!

Are you overwhelmed? No, not yet anyways, I’m sure it will come (like in the middle of the night when they are screaming and I haven’t slept for days). It was quite a surprise as we had no idea there were two and it took a few days for it to seem real. But overall I’m good. I can think of a ton of things to get stressed about (I am realistic) but I am trying not to focus on them since I can’t really do anything about them but worry anyway. Mostly I am just humbled by the great opportunity and blessing that my Heavenly Father has given me to not only have one child but two. I guess I didn’t mess up too bad with the first three so He thinks I can handle two at once.

Well, I have my next appointment in about two weeks and then they will schedule my big ultrasound where we will hopefully find out the gender of these munchkins. Be sure to get your vote in on the poll in the sidebar as to your guess at what the genders will be. Everyone tells me to think pink, but I guess with all my other experiences I have a hard time thinking anything but blue. :)


Amanda said...

Jodi, that is really sweet. And also such a blessing that you are not sick! I didn't realize that you guys have moved from here. If you get the chance email me where you are now.

Amanda said...

Another note, I just read your moving post. Holy Cow! That sounds like a nightmare. We moved ourselves here. And I really mean ourselves. Not even church help. We wanted it that way. I feel that same way about some movers. Are we ever going to see our stuff again? We have lost meds to movers before.

Anyways- hope you love your new neighborhood. When you are feeling down, think of us shopping at the ghetto Walmart. Yes, they are all ghetto around here. And it will put a smile on your face.

Kyle and Tiffany said...

Hi Loveland Family! I found your blog through Marlo's. Wow! You're having twins?! Congrats. That is really exciting...and slightly overwhelming, but from the looks of things, Jodi can handle just about anything. :) I'm glad to see that you guys are doing well. We are going to be changing our blog to private tomorrow, so if you'd like to be able to see it, send me your email address. Ours is Love you!

Phelps Family said...

Jodi, I could never hate you, jealous maybe, but never hate you! I'm glad things are going well for you and I hope they continue to do so! Can't wait to hear if you'll be having girls, boys or one of each!

Suzie-Q said...

I just hope that you don't passout! That is the pits. mostly when you are home alone with kids running all over the place!
Thanks for FAQ's it is good to know how well you are really doing but I think I'll keep trying to make my weekly phone call. Somebody has to talk to you every once in a while. (or is it just me that need some one to talk to?)

Meagan said...

So glad you're feeling well. My second pregnancy was sooo different from the first (I could still eat) that I knew I was having a girl. So for that reason I will go vote for 2 boys. Take care!

Rebecca said...

I so appreciated hearing about how the thought of having two is more humbling than overwhealming. In deepest sincerity, I think you are a lot like what Mary must have been like. What a blessing for these two little spirits to be born into such a great family!

Becky said...

Jodi--I just want you to know that once you start feeling them there is hardly a time you won't. With my twins I had constant movement all the time. (and they are still wrestling at 3!). I know being tired is normal but keep an eye on your iron. Mine went way to low (they told me to eat peanuts but I won't recommend that to you)eat high in iron foods with orange juice so more iron is absorbed. You will get to have so many ultrasounds it is crazy. I had so many I lost count.

And no mater what others say it is NOT buy one get one free. You get charged double for everything. So have some one near you start planning a baby shower (hint, hint to others reading this, twins are expensive. Lots and lots of diapers will be needed).

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