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Thursday, September 25, 2008

Hospital Visit

Well after the last few days we are much more acquainted with the hospital here than we were before. It’s been awhile since we last had an Emergency Room visit so I guess it was time to have another. Andrew started having problems with is asthma late Sunday night. We did what we could at home but by Monday afternoon I knew he needed more than what we could do for him at home. Luckily Derek was available and was able to take him to the Emergency Room while I stayed home with the other boys. They spent the rest of the afternoon and evening in the ER only to finally be admitted that night. The next morning he was doing worse and so they moved him to another floor to a specialty ward where he could get closer monitoring. By Wednesday he was doing much better and was able to finally come home late that afternoon. Yeah!! So by the time we were done we had seen the ER, the 4th floor, and the 2nd floor of the hospital. The OB floor is the 3rd so soon enough we will have seen almost the whole hospital. What an accomplishment! :)

Andrew is doing better now. He has a cough but he can breath so all is well. The cold season is only just beginning and that’s the worst time of year for asthma so it could be a fun winter. We may end up seeing much more of the hospital than we want to. I guess we will see what happens.

Luckily Derek was able to have all the time Andrew was in the hospital off school. So he was able to stay at the hospital most of the time with him while I ran around taking care of the other kids (Brian and Timothy both have colds too) and kept things at the house going. The only bad thing is he was behind on all his school work before this happened and now he is really behind and wondering how he will ever get everything done. He has several papers due next week as well as his midterms. Gotta love the way kids mess up your plans for getting things done! Derek just shrugs and makes some comment about how he can stay at the school for 12-13 hours a day doing work but he still gets to come home at night. It’s amazing how deployments change your thinking. Not much else matters to him, as long as he gets to come home to his family at night! :)

Ironic that this all happened on the day Brian took the cast from his broken arm for show-and-tell.

Modeling his mask used for Nebulizer Treatments (special breathing treatments):

The mask is a dragon face. During the treatments smoke comes out of the holes on the sides so it looks like a fire breathing dragon. Andrew thinks it's pretty cool. He calls it his "Dragon Mask."

He wears the mask around the house like this:

Showing off the sticky left from the monitor stickers:

Showing the spot left from his IV:

He was very brave and the nurses commented on how good of a patient he was when they put the IV in and took his blood. They even told him that they had adults that didn't do as good as him. He was a very brave and good boy through the whole ordeal.


Yeehaw said...

Ah! The dragon mask! Clancey has one of those also... life savers, aren't they? I'm glad he's doing better. Did they give him a fast acting inhaler too for next time? Gotta love genetics! (Asthma runs in the family)

Becky said...

We are so glad to hear that he is home and doing better. Lets hope you don't have to visit the hospital for about 3 more months--ok.

The Reay Family said...

I can't believe you are having this problem alreay. Ben had asthma problems since he was 4 months old and now 6 is has only had 1 episode this year! Let's hope that stays that way. Little Andrew is a trooper. I am so proud he haddles things so well. Ben has a fish mask and the smoke is when the fish is breathing out of water!

Suzie-Q said...

Glad to hear that things might be slowing down now at your house. I agree with becky I hope that you don't have to go back for at least 3 months. Can you hardle wait for next week?
I will be waiting all day for my phonecall!!
Love you!!!

Manatee25 said...

Oh I am so glad he is doing better! ER is no fun! Love the mask though! What a clever idea! They think of everything these days!

zoey said...

I'm glad to hear that things are better. I, too, am dreading winter and the colds that come with it. Just thought that I would say hi.

Phelps Family said...

I have seen many of those dragon masks in my time as a them! Poor Andrew but I'm glad he's doing better!

Jessica S. said...

tis the season for the nebulizer - Dylan's been using his at least once a day lately! And his inhaler a couple times a day, too. I feel so bad for his lungs.