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Sunday, March 22, 2009


And now for the moment you've all been waiting for. . . finally more pictures!!! Sorry it has taken so long to get them posted. We have been just a little busy at our house. :)

St Patrick's Day:
Here they are in their green outfits:

1 month old:
(Okay these pictures weren't taken on the day they were 1 month old, I guess they were more like 5 weeks old).
We were in for a weight check the day they were one month old. Kylie weighed 5 pounds while Philip weighed 10! He's just a little bigger than her. :)

I had just washed Kylie's hair and had left it all poking up pretending/hoping that it's curly. The poor girl, if she doesn't end up with curly hair then I have no idea how to fix it. I guess it will just be a learning experience. Hopefully one that doesn't result in too many ugly hairdos. :)

Valentine's Day Outfits:
They almost look like they are consorting in this picture. Kylie's shirt says, "Hug me, Hold me, Kiss me!" As if we needed such instructions. :)
Philip looks so cute in this picture I had to post it even though Kylie is falling over.

This one was funny so I posted it just for some laughs.

A Brother's Love:
The boys love both of the twins. They are always running to check on them and wanting to help take care of them. I can even get them to do things by saying, "When you are done doing (insert whatever they are supposed to be doing here), then you can hold one of the babies." It does the trick almost every time. :)

The primary president in our ward told me the cutest story about Andrew. (Primay is the children's organization and class at our church). The Sunday after the twins were born Derek and the boys attended church. Derek printed off a sheet of paper with some pictures of the twins for each one of the boys so they could show off "their babies." They had a lot of fun showing them off. Apparently Andrew was so excited that during a small pause he took it upon himself to just walk to the front of the room, hold up his paper, and say, "These are my babies!" So they let him show them off and then he sat back down. He was so pleased with himself. Timothy must have had lots of fun showing off his pictures too. When it was time to pick him up from his class one of the other little girls ran over and wanted to see the pictures of "his babies" one last time before he left.
Although they love both babies they really LOVE Kylie. They almost idolize her. I think if she could talk, she would be able to get them to do anything she wanted. I guess we'll see what happens in the future.
Andrew informed me shortly after they were born, just so I knew for sure, that, "Kylie is my favorite twin." Just last week one of our friends asked him if he loved the twins and he replied, "I love both of the twins, but I really LOVE Kylie."

Here is Andrew feeding Kylie a bottle when she was just a few days old. He was so excited to get to do this. He had been talking about getting to do it ever since he knew she was coming. He did a great job.

Their First Outing:
The babies finally had their first outing (other than to the doctor's office) on February 25th. We took my mom to see the Washington D.C. temple. We thought that the temple was a fitting first outing.

All bundled up and ready to go:

Story Time:

Hmm. . . maybe I need a bigger chair?!

The babies and I finally made it to church a few weeks ago. (And, yes, we even made it on time. Thank goodness for 3:00 p.m. church). They looked so cute in their Sunday clothes.

Here are some close-ups. They were being fussy so to prevent crying they had the pacifiers in their mouths right up until I snapped the picture. The result-- no crying but funny shaped mouths. :)
All of his brothers wore this same outfit on their first day of church.
Of course, as the only girls in the family, Kylie and I had to match. Besides, since Kylie and Philip didn't match, then I had to match something. :)
We had some people special request to see the size of Kylie's hand compared to Derek's wedding ring. So here is a comparison. She is two weeks old in these pictures.

Here's my ring:
Here's Derek's ring:
And my favorite-- Here is a comparison of Derek and Kylie's hands:

Life just wouldn't be complete without Timothy to spice it up. :)

Here he is trying out the car seats while chomping down the core of a fresh pineapple-- that's his favorite part.

He has been doing a little better lately though in not getting into "mystery trouble." (Knock on wood!!!) We had pancakes the other day and he was enjoying licking the side of the bowl. Here he is getting a little carried away in his licking. Nothing like diving right in!

Okay-- well that's all I have time to post for now. I hope that was worth the long wait. :)


Suzie-Q said...

Well it was absolutly worth the wait, just try to do better next time, ha ha!
they are still just as cute as ever and we love them! Hailey keeps asking if one of those babies is the one comeing to our house this summer, Sadly I have to say "No" she gets upset. she really wants to know and see the baby right now, and know what his name will be. (we just haven't figured it out yet)
I love that they are always trying to touch each other and hold hands or something in all the pictures where they are together. Such great posers you have already.

Maybe you should move to the love seat instead of useing your chair.

Yeehaw said...

I'm so happy to see these! I was drilling Aunt Carmen today for details on the little ones. :-) You look great! How are you feeling? You're an amazing mother to still take time to read to all your little ones!

Becky said...

What a great update. I loved all of the pictures and comments. It is always amazing to me how fast babies grow. Keep snapping those photos.

Suzie-Q said...

Well we had to come back and look again and this time more of the pictures came up for us!
Rob and I want to have acopy of your pancake recipe, it must be pretty good if you can eat it raw.
We love you!!!

Zoey said...

I am surprised that you still have time to do any blogging, and, YES, it was worth the wait to see your babies again. It will be interesting to see if their weight difference keeps increasing! So cute! Thanks for sharing with us!

Kyle and Tiffany said...

What cute pictures! It's so fun to see pictures of the boys loving "their babies". Those were fun stories about them taking their pictures to primary, too.

Meagan said...

What fun pictures. We got the big girl version of Kylie's dress for Audrey at Christmas, we love it.

Peay Family said...

Wow! So great to see you. 5 Kiddos?? Holy Cow! Where does the time go! And TWINS? You look amazing and haven't changed a bit! :) Are you guys in DC? Keep us posted!! :)xoxo