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Thursday, April 2, 2009

Baby Blessings

We were able to have the babies blessed on Sunday. (An L.D.S. Baby Blessing is kind of like a Christening. The babies are given their names and then they receive a special blessing by a priesthood holder. In our case the priesthood holder was Derek.) It was so special!! 

The babies looked so beautiful in their white outfits. We took tons of pictures but Kylie was not feeling very photogenic and so she is crying in almost all of them.

Here they are together:

Here are some close-ups of Kylie:

Well she's not crying but now she has a "binki-face:"

Her hand makes it look like she's saying, "No more pictures!":

Asleep at last! All that crying must be tiring:

Some of the highlights from Kylies blessing are:
She was blessed that she will have an ablility to love everyone and will be able to see them as Heavenly Father's children. She will be a help to her brothers. She will be an example to others and because of that example people will want to know her and have the desire to learn more about the gospel. She will have a sharp mind and be able to discern and detect the things of our Heavenly Father. She will raise a righteous family and her posterity will serve throughout eternity.

Here are some close-ups of Philip:
He was showing off his smile. His Daddy can always get him to smile! (All you photographers out there-- someone tell me what makes my pictures grainy like this. One snap they are and one snap they aren't, I hate it! Please tell me how to fix it!!)

Some highlights from Philip's blessing are:
He was blessed that he would be able to see and know the things that are in store for him. He'll be a peacemaker. He will serve and honor Heavenly Father. Service in the kingdom will come naturally to him, he will rejoice in opportunities to serve, and he will see the fruits of his labors throughout his life. He will unite with his siblings to be an example to the world. He will serve a mission and the skills and attributes he develops on his mission will serve him throughout his life.

Here are some pictures of everyone:

The kids:

The family:

Here is a long slide show of some more photos, including the efforts to get the two pictures above. By the time we were finished Derek said, "There's no love here!" But at least I love to go back and look at all the pictures. :) Hope you enjoy them.


Zoey said...

I love that you posted about their blessings. Kylie's dress is beautiful! I'm sure that you made it as well (am I right?) There are 2 cute babies even if they are not smiling all of the time!

David said...

I think that Kylie is crying because her headband was to tight. Those things always leave a mark.

Suzie-Q said...

Way to Cute!! We were thinking of you on Sunday. Glad everything went well.
I just can't belive how big they are.
WE just moved into our new place today. WE are so tired and worn.

Heather said...

It sounds like a wonderful day. Kylie's dress is gorgeous, and that smile on your newest handsome son is contagious. Thanks for sharing with us!

Yeehaw said...

That made me get all choked up... your family is so beautiful!

Becky said...

I was so thrilled to see the pictures of the new twins on theit blessing day and the others too. And especially the ones of your family. Next best thing to a real visit. I looking forward to seeing all of you this summer.
Love You- Grandma Great.

Phelps Family said...

Great pictures! You have a beautiful family! Kylie's dress is beautiful and Phillip's smile is adorable! I don't know how you are doing it with 5 (and 2 babies)because I'm worn out with my own 4 children and it's not the baby that's wearing me out! LOL!

Kyle and Tiffany said...

They both look so cute in their blessing outfits. I really love Kylie's dress! It sounds like both received really nice blessings.

Marie said...

Beatiful pictures! Thanks for sharing! I laughed when I read what Derek said about no love being there during the picture taking.... I think that is about how it usually is with kids, but it looks like there is plenty of love in the pics!!! =)

Amy said...

Beautiful family! They are amazing little tykes. What a wonderful time to share with us. Thank you.

The camera issue-it looks like the film ISO speed is too high. Try lowering the ISO to 400. Maybe that's it?

Meagan said...

What a special day. Kylie's dress is beautiful. It's good to hear hpw well they're growing. And I love to see how the boys just love their new siblings, so cute.

I second what Amy said. Generally grainy pics are due to high ISO. If your camera is on auto it probably bumped up the ISO to compensate for low lighting. I'm not sure why one would be grainy and the next not though, especially if taken in the same place with the same lighting...hmmm.

Jessica S. said...

Your family is beautiful! Of course the babies are growing, but so is Timothy, Andrew & Brian.
You are awesome.