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Sunday, July 12, 2009

Mega-Post Time Again!!

Wow--another month has gone by and no time for blogging! As always things here have been so hectic. It seems like we are always hurrying somewhere. Some of that has to do with having so much to do and some of it is just because it takes so much longer for us all to get in the car. :) Brian didn't finish school until June 18th and Derek is frantically trying to get his thesis done. He spends every second working on it and it's still only half done. Ugh! Can't wait until it's finished! Anyway, we'll start with the most recent and go back from there.

5 Months Old:
The twins turned 5 months old on June 26th. They had a Well Child Check on Thursday and here are their stats:

17.2 pounds, 75th %tile
26 inches long, 60th %tile

12.2 pounds, 3rd %tile
24 inches long, 10 %tile

As you can see they are doing very well. They are very smiley, happy babies. They smile at anyone that will look at them. They can roll over, although they don't do it very often, they can almost sit up, and they are really enjoying playing with the baby toys we have. They are beginning to eye our food and grab for it when we are eating. They can hardly wait until it's rice cereal time. One more month!

Here are some pictures that were taken on the day they turned 5 months old:

I LOVE this picture. We find them holding hands all the time.

Here are some random photos of the babies:

We thought this one was funny because they are laying exactly the same way.

We took this one to show off the hands.

Derek thought it was so funny to see his daughter just "racked out" on his bed so he had to take these ones.

The 4th of July:
Being so near to Washington D.C. we wanted to see the national capital's fireworks but we didn't want to fight the traffic and the mob of people. Being military we have access to military bases so we went to Bolling Air Force Base. It's right across the Potomac River from the National Mall. We had awesome seats with a great view and didn't have to fight the traffic or the mobs. The fireworks were very good. They were non-stop and like a constant finale from our home town. The actual finale had so many fireworks going off that it created a large plume of smoke. As the plume grew the fireworks slowly faded away behind it. The last few we only heard because the smoke was so thick. It was amazing! I got one picture and it's not so good. Sorry! But I wanted to watch the fireworks not take pictures. :)

While we were waiting for the fireworks they had activities going on around the base. The boys played one round of miniature golf. They all had fun and it was cute to watch them. Here is a slide show of some pictures I got:

Here are some photos we took while waiting for the fireworks to start:

My sisters have been visiting! My younger sister and her husband came out for a week to see the area, and of course us. My brother-in-law served his mission near here so he was excited to show the area off to his wife. This is my sister who also has twins (the kids all stayed home though) so she was excited to see mine. My youngest sister has also come to visit. She came to be Derek's "research assistant" to help him work on his thesis. She helps me with the kids too. :) We had lots of fun together and of course had a traditional midnight shopping trip to Wal-Mart. Of course we got matching shirts!

As you can see, we had lots of fun. Why am I the only one not laughing?!

I have one other sister who was not with us. We missed her! Don't worry, Suzie, we got you a matching shirt too!!!

Timothy's Birthday:
Timothy turned 3 at the end of June. Because we have been so busy we didn't get to celebrate it until about a week after the real date. Good thing he's only 3 and didn't realize it. But he had a fun birthday anyway. Here's a slideshow of of the event:

Swimming Lessons:
The boys have been taking swimming lessons. A sister in our ward teaches them at the home of another family in our ward that has a swimming pool. They have really been having fun and they are doing quite well. Brian is swimming he just needs to get the correct form down. Andrew and Timothy aren't far behind. Here is a slideshow of some pictures from the first day.

Timothy is getting quite the tan from being outside at the pool so much. With is blond hair he looks like a real little "beach bum."

More Critters in the Backyard:
The boys caught a frog in the backyard. They played with it all afternoon. We kept it in a jar over the weekend so Brian could take it to school for show-and tell. Then they took it back to the backyard and let it go.
Brian with his frog:

Letting the frog go. Can you see it?:
We see bunnies in our yard almost everyday. Here is one from a distance:
We have a lizard that lives somewhere near our back step. We see it often but haven't managed to get a picture yet. But it has a cool looking blue stripe on it's side.

As always it just wouldn't be a true mega-post without some Timothy shots. :)

Derek found him like this one day. I'm guessing he was looking for some clothes.

He loves his babies. He calls them "My twins." One day I found him reading his scriptures to Kylie.

Oh we love our Timothy!! Actually, we love them all!!


Zoey said...

So many fun pictures and good times! I can barely believe that you have time to take the pictures let alone blog about them! Love ya!

Suzie-Q said...

what a great Mega Post.
I'm so glad that Dusty is there to help you out for a little while. I just don't know how you manage to get everything done, ooh wait you still don't get everything done that you need to right. HAHA
Looks like you have had a a great summer so far. Hope that you are getting things ready for your trip to Pocatello and that everyone is planning on having a great time!!
You should name that picture of Timothy "Rocket Man" you know cause he does that in the movie, except he actually turns the dryer on. How do you turn the dryer on and then get inside? I don't have that one figured out yet, hopefully neither will will Timothy.
Love you!!
Oh and Thanks for the shirt! I think I might be able to wear it next year, I might fit in it by then, what do you think?

Jessica S. said...

I love you mega posts! Glad is well with you guys... you are doing such a great job with all you have been blessed with!
Timothy in the dryer... I imagine he was tired of wearing matching outfits so he went about to find his own? LOL :)

Becky said...

We had such a fun time while we were there. There is so much to see. I'm glad that you did something fun for the 4th. It still surprises me the critters you have in your yard. I think I saw the bunny every day. I was also lucky to see the blue lizard, lightening bugs, and a deer.
All of your children are growing so fast. Thank goodness for cameras and blogs!

Meagan said...

Oh yes, the dryer. We have pictures of James in the dryer as well. Looks like you're having lots of fun and enjoying your summer.

JimKathy said...

Still trying to convince myself the dryer picture is OK.

Rest of pictures were typical even if dryers are typical for boys I guess.None of our 3 even tried this exercise.