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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Veteran's Day- Arlington National Cemetery

In honor of Veteran's Day I thought I would share some photos of Arlington National Cemetery. These were taken by some of our recent visitors-- thanks Brittany, Dusty, and Ian for the photos.

The Tomb of The Unknown Soldier

Arlington Memorial Theater

Arlington House (Home of Robert E. Lee)

View from Arlington House overlooking D.C.

Slave Quarters for The Arlington House

The Eternal Flame at John F. Kennedy's gravesite-- Arlington House is at the top of the hill behind it.

And last but not least-- my favorite photo:

My Veteran!
(I'm so grateful that he's the live one in the picture.)

(I know, I know-- two posts in one week, amazing isn't it! Go me!!)


Suzie-Q said...

Thanks for sharing all those great photos. I'm pretty thankful for that Veteran too!
Love you guys!

Zoey said...

That is beautiful! I bet that you love living where there is so much history. Thank you for your service Derrick!

Becky said...

Amazing pictures. I am grateful for all of our veterans and for those who serve in other ways too (like their families.