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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Why I've Been Away

I know, I haven't posted anything in a long time. It's not like I don't have anything to post, in fact at this point, I have too much to ever catch up. There is never a shortage of excitement at our house. :) Anyway, I thought I would at least let you know what has been keeping me so busy. My sewing machine and I have been spending A LOT of time together lately. Here are a few photos of what I have been working on.

My sister got married this month and we wanted all 15 of the grandchildren to match. So this is where most of my time was spent-- making these 7 dresses and 8 bowties:

Here they are on the grandkids:

All 7 of the little girls:

All 8 of the little boys (they aren't as photogenic as the girls):

We did it not only because it was cute but so my parents could have a picture like this:

In between making all the stuff for the wedding I also found time to make Kylie this Easter dress (Philip wanted in the picture too):

I also made Kylie and me these matching skirts to wear on Mother's Day:

I made two more skirts for the wedding like the ones above and a special white dress for my niece who got baptized the week before my sister's wedding. I also made Timothy new curtains for his bedroom and new curtains for my living room that have jabots and festoons. And lastly, I am half way done with a blessing dress for my sister's new little baby girl. It would be all the way done but Kylie decided she wanted to help. Too bad it wasn't really so helpful. After I had the lace sewed on around the bottom she snipped slits all over in it all across the front. Someone ran off with my seam ripper at some point so that project is on hold for a moment. Did I mention that she cut her bangs while she was helping me too. As I said, there is never a shortage of excitement at our house. :) Oh, and I wanted to add that I sewed all these things in just over two months time. Like I said, my sewing machine and I are really close right now.


Suzie-Q said...

And you did an awesome job1 We were so excited to sew and wear the new clothes. The girls want to lay in the new dresses all the time. And the boys look so handsome and sweet in the bowties! I can't wait for the blessing dress! We are super excited about it too!!!

Zoey said...

I love it! You are so talented.

Meagan said...

Way to go with all the sewing.I don't sew nearly as much as I would like. I have to tell you a funny story about Timothy in Primary while you were here. I gave them all the flannel board stories to color and someone asked if they could cut them out. I said I didn't have scissors and they would have to do it at home with their parents. Timothy said "My mom doesn't let me use scissors!" I laughed and thought to myself "I'll bet I know why!" Smart mom!