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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Mama's Little Helper

Andrew is my little helper. When I cleaned all three of the bathrooms in our house the other day he was right there on top of me wanting to help. I gave him several different jobs that he was very happy to do. With each new assignment he would tell me with pride, "It's my job!" The thing he was the most excited about was cleaning the toilet. Amazing I know-- apparently Derek hasn't engrained in his mind enough yet that toilets are yucky!! Watching him you would have thought that cleaning the toilet was the best thing ever. I kept telling him that I thought he was done and it was clean enough and he kept telling me, "Not yet!" No quickie job from him. He was very excited to show Brian what we/he had done when he got home from school. Maybe at this rate he won't end up with the same aversion to toilets that Derek has. I guess we will see.


Phelps Family said...

It must be an age thing because Malia loves to help me clean the toilets too!

Suzanne said...

I'm glad that oyu are so brave to let them help you around the house.
Caleb keeps tell me that he wants to help me do things around the house but I'm too scared that I would just have to do it over when he is done. oh-well I'm sure I will have to let him have a chance one of these days. I do let them clean or wipe the table clean when they are done eating thier food at the table. Hailey will even get down at=nd start wiping up the floor. Silly kids!