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Friday, September 14, 2007

"T" which stands for trouble!

As I have mentioned before T is a climber and is always getting into everything. So here are some of the unique places that we found him this week.

The cupboard (obviously this one doesn't have a lock, but it will soon!)

The kitchen sink. He loves to play here. It's not as bad when the faucet is running in the opposite sink from where he is sitting. But when its not then it runs right into his lap and makes quite a mess. It also scares me to death when he turns on the garbage disposal. He just laughs and thinks its funny as it vibrates beneath him.

The counter. He's actually on his way to the sink in this picture. He already crawled all the way down the counter to get to this point.

In the drawer. Yes, thats right the drawer. He didn't use the other drawers to crawl up, he pushed his high chair over, crawled up into it and then pulled out the drawer and got in. He was finding all kinds of treasures here, he thought anyway.

After the drawer got boring he moved up on to the counter where he found some bananas to snack on. He did get a banana the other day and somehow peeled it and ate it. I didn't notice him until it was gone. Only the peel remained as evidence.

Well there you have it. One of the worst things he did all week though there is no picture of. I went outside to bring the garbage can in after the garbage truck had come and he came behind me and turned the dead bolt on the door and locked me out. After about 5 minutes of knocking on the window I finally got Andrew's attention. He was busy watching TV and was quite enthralled (a true boy!) He took one look and then went back to watching TV. After more pounding and another 5 minutes Andrew finally came and let me back in. Then he proceeded to get mad at me because I hadn't brought him his drink yet. What love!! All the while T was walking around smiling and laughing thinking it was all so funny.

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Suzanne said...

YOu have such naughty little boys!!!
I guess that's what you get for being such a naughty little girl when you were growing up!! Of course I can't say you were eve that bad I will have to talk to Mom about that.
May be you should tie him up when you aren't going to keep both eye on him all the time (Hmmm that might not be that good though)
you need some seriuos disciplane in your house.
Great Pictures, I love that you have time to take a pic while your son is being bad.... You'r so silly and Yes I'm quite glad that you are there for entertanment value.