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Thursday, October 11, 2007


Well because of deployments and training Derek and I have missed every holiday together at least once. But, until now, we have never missed getting to carve pumpkins together since even before we were married. You may think "so what!" but for us this is a big deal. We carved pumpkins on our first date and it has thus become a big tradition for us. So I debated whether or not to even get a pumpkin this year but the kids wanted one (mostly Andrew) that I just couldn't deny them. So we got one the other day. Andrew was so excited. He helped me put it in the cart and then he sat next to it the whole time with his hand on it keeping it safe. (If that's what it takes to keep him good while we are shopping maybe I should buy a pumpkin everytime--j/k!!) He then helped me get it out of the cart and put it on the counter to buy it. And then once we got home he helped carry it from the car. He thinks he is so strong!! We put it by our scarecrow (or scarey-crow as the kids call it). Andrew wasn't so sure that he wanted it there though. He was really worried about his pumpkin being outside and getting rain on it. I finally talked him into letting it stay out there but he was still worried about it. But then he exchanged emails with his daddy about it and Derek told him it would be alright so now he doesn't worry about it anymore. He stops every once in awhile when we walk by it though and stops to kiss it. Silly kid!!


Suzanne said...

I think that pumpkin is as big as Andrew!
I'm glad that you had helpto carry that thing cause I don't know if you alone would have been strong enough to do it all alone.
We are still waiting to go and pick one out, but it will be soon it is all part of getting ready for Hailey's birthday.
i love your blog by the way, evrybody has been changing theirs lately I guess maybe I need to change things on mine.

Fisher Family said...

I love the pumpkins and your "scary-crow". You guys are still wearing shorts..not fair. :)