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Monday, October 1, 2007

You know its a bad Sunday when. . .

  • You leave 5 minutes later than originally planned because it takes so long to herd your children to the car.
  • Once you finally get those rambunctious children to the car you then have to spent 5 more minutes back in the house looking for the baby's shoe that you have already put back on him twice.
  • You have to wait a moment in the foyer outside the chapel before going in because the children are too "wild" to even go in yet.
  • Your 3-year-old is singing while the Bishop is giving the opening announcements.
  • While you are restraining that 3-year-old and trying to keep him quiet you quietly whisper in his ear, "This is Jesus's house and he wants you to be reverent." and he responds by yelling for all to hear, "I NOT WANNA BE REVERENT IN JESUS'S HOUSE!!"
  • You have to take your children to the foyer before the Sacrament even starts.
  • You spend almost the whole hour of Sacrament meeting out in the foyer physically restraining that 3-year-old still trying to get him to be quiet. All the while trying to keep track of your other two children too.
  • At one point when that 3-year-old is struggling to get free he yells, "JESUS SAYS LET GO!!"
  • You can't wait for Sacrament meeting to get over so that you can go to primary and help be in charge of 100 kids, several of which act just like your 3-year-old, who will all be practicing for the program.
  • You almost knock over the large glass vase full of flowers in the front of the chapel in front of those 100 children. (Luckily you catch it just before it crashes to the ground).
  • When church is finally over you can't get the kids herded to the car.
  • When a nice gentleman steps in to help and carries your unruly 3-year-old to the car that 3-year-old growls at him.
  • Once at home you find your 3-year-old wrapping the baby in Saran wrap.
  • The baby crawls up on the counter and throws off the dishes braking one cup and chipping another.
  • You can barely get the kids herded to bed.
  • That unruly 3-year-old of yours cries for half an hour on the couch after you have to separate him from his brother so he can go to sleep.
  • He then continues to cry for another 30 minutes after you finally put him to bed. All you can do is hope that all that crying doesn't exasperate his asthma.
  • Meanwhile the baby unloads your dishwasher by throwing all the dishes on the floor.
  • You remember at the last minute that your 5-year-old had homework that is due on Monday.
  • Two large cockroaches enter the house when you let the dog out to potty and you can't catch them.
  • The baby breaks your computer keyboard while you are waiting to type instant messages to your husband who is half a world away.
  • Oh, and did I mention you have a run in your nylons too?
  • And finally, you are looking forward to Monday morning because it will mean that Sunday is really over!!

(Needless to say, you can tell that we had a rough Sunday at our house. I can think of a hundred other things that could have made it even worse than it was. So I am glad that it was only as bad as it was.)


Heather said... I know I shouldn't be laughing...but I am. That is priceless stuff. Best of luck for next Sunday :)

Suzanne said...

I'm sorry you have to go through all that alone, Of course you know that if Derek was there then they all would be perfect angels.
By the way good song for you post, I made sure to wait and listen this time "Bad Day" is a great pick!