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Sunday, December 9, 2007


The other night while I was getting the boys ready for bed I realized that T was being way too quiet which meant only one thing-- he must be getting into mischief. So he needed to be checked on for sure. I found him in the kitchen happily eating the last few crumbs of our Upsidedown Fudge Cake. (Which I might add is delicious and totally "Andrew Safe"). It had about 3 small helpings left in the dish before he got to it. He mananged to finish it all off. He was eating the last few bites when I found him. He quite enjoyed himself and thought he had gotten a great bed time snack. He's definitly no dummy-- the dish was on top of the microwave and covered with a glass lid. So he must have pushed over the bar stool and crawled up on the counter and gotten it down, opened it, gotten a spoon (which is in the drawer on the other side of the kitchen), and then made himself comfortable on the stool to eat. Notice in the pictures that he had to have the largest spoon he could find too. Silly kid!!
I added some other funny pictures of him too. Most kids keep a sippy cup around in case they need a drink. Well, no need for one here, he just goes in and helps himself to the dog dish when he gets thirsty. It so funny, he crouches down on all fours and dips his face in and sucks it up. If there is ever water on the floor he gets down and slurps it off the floor too. No need to mop up after the kids get out of the tub-- between him and the dog they take care of it. (Ok I don't really let him but he always tries and I have to stop him).
He found one of the boys hats and put it on. I found him sitting here playing with cars with his hat on looking all cool. He thought he was pretty hot stuff too. Enjoy the pics!


Heather said...

Your boys are so cute. Full of mischief, but cute! Thanks for sharing your life with all of us. Are you heading to Idaho for Christmas?

Suzie-Q said...

Oh my!! I can't believe the thngs that kid does. I hope that he is full of all that energy when he gets to mom's house and not tired all the time like your boys are when they go vist. It would be nice to mom and dad see then when they are just happy all the time you know.
Anyways you really shouldn't let him drink of the floor anymore it might be really dirty and you just don't know it cuase him and shady keep it so clean-- yuck!
Oh and that is really funny that he has a brusie right in the center of his forehead. at least we know that he doesn't get aways clean from all of his adventures right.

Phelps Family said...

How funny! Your little T is a mischievious one!