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Saturday, December 8, 2007

Christmas Tree

When Brian came home the other day he was said we needed to get ready for Christmas and he was adamant that we had to have a Christmas tree. We haven't put ours up yet and I wasn't planning on putting it up. Before Derek left we were straightening up the garage and I had him put the tree and the box with the decorations up on the top shelf behind everything--oops! So I can't even get it down. I figured we would be okay because soon enough would be enjoying Grandma's tree anyway. But that wasn't good enough for Brian. He wanted one and he wanted one now. When I told him I couldn't get ours down he told me to get the ladder-- he's no dummy. But even that wasn't enough, I not only needed height I needed more muscles too. I had gotten a flier in the mail that day for a place that had little 18 inch trees on sale. So I tried to talk him into one of those. At first he wasn't going to have anything to do with that. He wanted our big one. Finally I showed him how high it would come up on his body if he stood next to it and he realized that it wasn't a "miniature tree" but a "medium sized tree." He thought maybe a medium sized one would be okay. So he reluctantly went out to the car so we could go get one. When we got to the store and I showed them to him he fell in love with one. He carried it all through the store and held it on his lap all the way home. He now refers to it as "his tree." I let the kids pick out some ornaments and lights and stuff for it. They had fun doing that. Then when we got home we decorated it and they loved that. They are so excited to finally have a tree up. But apparently it still doesn't take the place of our other one. In an email that Derek exchanged with Andrew, Derek asked him what special thing he wanted to do with him when he got home. Andrew's first response was that he wanted "to decorate our big Christmas tree with you and then we can give our little one back to that girl." I'm assuming that maybe "that girl" is the cashier, but I'm not sure. But none the less the kids do enjoy it. Brian wants to plug it in first thing each morning and they enjoy driving their cars and trucks all around it. And yes-- thanks to Timothy it has been redecorated several times already.


Suzie-Q said...

I love your tree!!
I'm glad that you got one only if it is going to used for a little while before you leave for the holiday, Everybody needs a little holiday cheer!
Happy Christmas!

Phelps Family said...

Very nice! Now it will help the boys feel like it's Christmas until they can get to Grandma's house. Have a safe trip!