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Monday, April 21, 2008

A Month in Review

WOW-- Time flies when you are having fun! I know its been a long time since I actually made a post but things here have been so busy. But that's good because we are getting down to the last few days before Derek gets home so being busy has made the time go by quicker-- at least that's the theory. :)
My Sister always laughs at me when I go for a long time and don't post and then suddenly post a ton all at once. Well laugh away Suzie!! Here's the last month in review:

A Day of Cleaning:
The boys decided to show off their artistic skills on their walls. They made quite a big mess. So we spent the afternoon scrubbing it off. I gave each one of the boys a piece of the Mr. Clean Eraser and made then help me.

For Family Home Evening we talked about temples and then we built some out of sugar cubes. Brian and Andrew loved that. Brian was all in to how many spires, or "spiders" as he calles them, he could have. He ended up with 7 and he is very proud of them. Andrew was upset when we got done and he didn't have Angel Moroni on top of his. So I had to be creative and find something to be Angel Moroni. Good thing I had some yellow twist ties, they worked quite well.

Easter Morning:
Here are the kids on Easter Morning.

Spring Break:
Last year for Spring Break we ate popsicles and rode the jeep. So thats what we did again this year. We were still able to fit all three boys in the jeep together just rearranged differently. These pictures were taken almost exactly one year apart. The first one is March 30, 2007 and the second is March 28, 2008.

The Practice Run:
Our very good friend Scott got home from his deployment on April 5th. We went to meet him at Green Ramp (the place where the plane arrives). The boys were way excited to see him. It was our practice run to be ready for when Derek comes home I guess. Now we know exactly where to go and how it all works. Can't wait!! Welcome Home Scott!!!

Soccer Mom:
I am now officially a "Soccer Mom." Brian is on a soccer team. His first practice was April 2nd. At first he didn't want to play because he wanted to play football not soccer. But then he decided soccer would be okay too and he has been having fun. His first game was April 19th. He was having fun and all was going well until the 80 degree, sunny, humid weather got to him. Before the game was over he was too hot and tired to play anymore and just stood on the field watching. Now everytime we talk about the game he tells me that games, "make me hot!" It will be interesting to see how the rest of the season goes.


Recently I discovered that there were pieces missing to our chain link fence in the backyard. It appeared that they had been removed and stolen. Weird! Anyway, I had to call the MP's (Military Police) and make a report of vandalism. The MP came to my door and I went outside with her to show her the fence. We had been outside for only a few minutes when I went back inside to get something. As soon as I stepped in the door I knew something was wrong, it was way too quiet. I did a quick circle of the house to discover that Timothy was missing. He can open the door himself. Immedietly seized with fear I ran back out to the MP to let her know I needed to go find my child. Just as I stepped outside some people from down the street walked up carrying him. Ahh relief!! The neighbor 5 houses down the street had Stanley Steamer at her house. The Stanley Steamer workers found Timothy in her front yard and took him to her door thinking he was hers. She knew she recognized him but couldn't remember what house he went to. Then they looked down the street and noticed the MP's car and brought him down to us thinking that's why the MP was here. Luckily that's not why she was here and she knew enough about children to not think I was a terrible mother. We joked that if she ever did get a call for a child that had been found she would know right where it belonged. Crazy!! The even worse part is that he was still in his pajamas and bare feet. I really am a good mom! :)

I wasn't able to make it to the bus stop that day, I had an appointment so my friend picked Brian up for me. But anyways, I guess we were the big talk at the bus stop that afternoon and apparently the story has gotten all mixed up as it has been passed around. My very next door neighbor later told me that she heard that Timothy had gotten out and was lost so the MP's had to come to help find him. And now we know how rumors get started!

I now never leave him unattended even for a second. I keep the front door closed and locked but it doesn't help as he can unlock the dead bolt and still get out. Derek is hoping that I don't lose his son before he gets home. I am too!

Here's some cute pictures of the naughty little kid. He found the hat and flag in the drawer and pulled them out himself. So these pictures are just how I found him.


Marie said...

Ha ha.... you got to love them! I'm always worried about Piper getting out the front door too... I try to make sure the top lock is flipped over, but sometimes it gets missed- after hearing your story.. maybe I will go buy that child proof door handle lock that I've been meaning to get! =)

Suzie-Q said...

I just want you to know tha tI am really laughing I just don't know why you wait to post everything at once! I think it is much easier to post along the way and not all at once. It doesn't take that much more time.
I'm glad that you made your boys clean up the mess. Good housekeeping skills being taught while they are still young. At least you could get your walls clean.
Looks like easter was fun!
Tell Brian to Run Fast and not to forget to kick the ball when playing his game. I bet it is a lot of fun.
I don't know what to say about Timothy-- He is a crazy child. How old is he again cause I think he must be some kind of a genius for all the things that he can do. I hope that Derek is ready to just hold him so he can't do anything naughty anymore.
Love you!!