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Monday, March 1, 2010

Reflections Contest

Brian and Andrew participated in the PTA Reflections contest at school. They love to take pictures so they entered in the photography category. The theme for this year was "Beauty is . . ." Brian decided that beauty was a baby so he took a picture of Kylie. Andrew decided that beauty was a brother smiling and took a picture of Brian. They were both cute pictures and the boys had fun taking them. They submitted the pictures way back in the Fall and we just had the awards ceremony last week. Brian won 2nd place in his division (K-2nd). He was so excited. Andrew was a bit disappointed when he didn't win anything but he did get excited when one of the PTA ladies in charge said that his picture was her favorite. They both got certificates of participation and Brian got a medal for 2nd place. Here's a few pictures:

Brian getting his medal-- I just about missed it because I didn't have the camera ready:
Brain and his medal:
Andrew getting his certificate:
Andrew and his certificate:
Brian getting his certificate:
Brian and his certificate:
Brian and Andrew:
Andrew holding his picture:
Brian holding his picture:
Brian's original photo:
Andrew's original photo:


Zoey said...

Too fun!

Suzie-Q said...


Jessica S. said...

I think that's sweet that when they thought of beauty they thought of their family. You are doing well as a mom and dad!!