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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Chocolate Dipping & Christmas

I had hoped to get this posted before the end of the year but alas it didn't get done. But at least it's before Valentine's Day. I am doing a little better. :)

Chocolate Dipping
Here are some photos from our traditional chocolate dipping event. (In Derek's family spanning back for 5 generations from our children the family gathers together, usually the Saturday after Thanksgiving, for Chocolate dipping. They dip and make "real" chocolates to enjoy throughout the holiday season. We have adapted it for our family and instead of making "real" chocolates we "dip" in a chocolate fountain.)



Showing off their chocolatey faces:

Christmas Eve:
The last couple of years we have tried to do something special on Christmas Eve day. This year we went to Mt Vernon. We have been there several times this year already but Christmas is the only time of year that they have the third floor of the mansion open for tours. So we went to see the third floor. We also got to see a camel which is always brought to the estate for Christmas. Apparently Washington would bring one for entertainment even in his day. The turkey that was pardonded by President Obama on Thanksgiving was also there. We had an enjoyable time.

The camel:
Looking at the camel:
The camel saying, "Hi" to the babies:

Standing by a tree that was planted by George Washington:

Christmas Morning:
We kept telling the kids we weren't sure if Santa was going to stop at our house this year and if he did he would probably just leave coal. But thank goodness Santa is very forgiving and he made a stop anyway. :)

Opening Presents:

Kylie loved her baby doll so much she had to have it out of the box immediately.
She wrapped it in her new pillowcase

Philip was most entertained by the box of Clementine oranges

The kids with their loot:

Christmas Evening:
We took some time in the evening on Christmas Day to go see the lights at the Washington D.C. temple. As always-- they were beautiful. It made for a nice end to the day. (We have a picture of our family in this same spot every year since we moved here.)

We hope you all had an enjoyable Christmas. We sure did!!


Suzie-Q said...

Looks like it was a great way to end the year. What a great Christmas it looked like you had. and the Chocolate dipping looks like a real yummy mess.
can I have a fountain?
Hope you have a great 2011!!!

Zoey said...

Beautiful! I'm so glad that your Christmas was wonderful.

Jessica S. said...

Ryan got Harry Potter Hagrid's hut, too. Is that what is there for Andrew? Looks like a nice time. Love the chocolate idea!!

Marie said...

Wow, your kids really KNOW how to enjoy chocolate! =) Such cute pictures!