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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Pinewood Derby

We had Brian's first Pinewood Derby last week. He had lots of fun making his car and even more fun racing it. We must have done pretty well for our first try since he won 3rd place in his den. His den had the most entries too, there were 12-15 other cars. Andrew and Timothy can hardly wait until it's their turn. They already have their cars all designed. :)

There was a Saturday activity where the boys and their dads met at one of the leader's houses to cut out their cars. Since the only tools we own are screwdrivers, hammers, and a drill, that was great for us. Derek is now thinking he needs a band saw-- whatever!! I don't have pictures of them cutting out the car (although I wish I did since I would love to have watched them do it since I think I have used our only power tool more than Derek-- he!he!) but I have pictures of the rest of the process.

Sanding the car:
Andrew wanted to help so bad
Drilling holes in the bottom to add weight:

Painting (of course he painted it blue, his favorite):
Adding the racing stripe:

The final product:
Checking in at the race (this is the most organized Pinewood Derby I have ever been to. It was all done on computer):
Setting his car (notice the guy with the lap top-- he was managing all the races):
Set to go:
Winning (don't get confused-- it's a different race than the above pictures, I couldn't be at the top and the bottom of the track at the same time and the car obviously made it to the end of the track before I did):
Receiving his trophy and ribbon:

3rd place in the Wolf Den:

(Now that's it's all over and done with I am way glad that clear back when I was in Young Women's we had a combined activity with the Young Men that was a pinewood derby. And I'm glad that although he helped me, my brother insisted that I do all the work on my own car. At the time, I hated sanding that silly thing but all these years later it totally paid off as now I know how to make one. Who knew that all these years later I would have a whole house full of boys with at least 12 pinewood derbys to look forward to. :) Thanks Bro!!)


Suzie-Q said...

Congrats Brian! That is so awesome. I remember that pink miss piggy car. it was always one of my fav's.
Maybe you should get a saw just for you, you might end up using it a lot for activity days!

Becky said...

WAY TO GO BRIAN!!! (and Mom & Dad)
Looks like an awesome car too.