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Friday, November 30, 2007

Favorite Commercial

I have had several people tell me that when they see this commercial they think of me. I had never seen it (I rarely ever actually watch TV) but enough people had mentioned it to me that I went online and searched for it. I just had to see it. Once seeing it I must admit, I can see why they think of me. At least I only have 3 boys and not 4, but I do have a dog and that counts for something too. I thought it was so funny and cute and found so much truth to it that I sat here and watched it over and over laughing every time. So I decided I just had to post it for those of you like me who haven't seen it. My two favorite parts are when the boys pull the drapes down and just as she is closing the door you can see a red ball bounce off her head-- love it!! Oh and I love the crash you hear after the door is closed too-- so I guess I have 3 favorite parts. She is truly the epitome of how I feel some days. But I do love my little boys!!!
(Keep in mind that I am in no way trying to endorse Progressive insurance-- I just love the commercial. Also, before you view it you will may want to scroll down and pause the music at the bottum so you can hear it).


Fisher Family said...

Jodie..I love this commercial. My sister was visiting this summer and we saw it then..she also has boys and could definitely relate. Too cute! Isn't it good to see the humor in parenting.

Suzie-Q said...

I'm glad you have a fav now. Rob just loves Jack in the box commercials. There is this one we have only ever seen it once but somehow it always get remembered when the kids are playing, anyways it is Jack and a guy playing Racketball- he tell him you are in charge of the big chicken sandwich or something and as the guy is strechting out and says I am you chicken man the ball hits him in the back and he screams out it sound just like achicken, it is quite funny!!
anyways later!

Anonymous said...

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