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Monday, January 21, 2008

Finally another post!

Well now that its been over a month since I really posted anything I guess its time to get in the go of things and get something posted. So here's an update of what's been going on in the last month or so.

Here's some pictures's from Brian's school Christmas program. They sang some songs and then we shared family holiday food traditions. We shared chocolates. We told them about how Brian's Daddy's family gets together every year and makes homemade dipped chocolates. We aren't there to participate so we have to make them on our own and ours are very special because they don't contain milk, eggs, or nuts so Andrew can eat them. Everyone was surprised at how good they taste. This tradition was started with Derek's Great-Grandma Bayly so Brian is the 5th generation to participate in this tradition. WOW! Anyways, Brian was so cute in the program. He has recently learned to wink. He was standing in the middle of the front row. In the middle of the songs while everyone else was doing actions and singing he would stop, look over at me with a big smile, and give me a big wink. It was so cute!!

We had a great time visiting family over the holidays. It was a long flight to get there but the boys did so good. Several people who saw us commented on how brave I was to fly with three little boys all alone but hey-- you do what you have to! Christmas was lots fun and Santa was very good to the boys. Hmm. . . maybe he didn't check his list twice! LOL!! Anyways, here's some pictures. There are too many to show them all so I tried to pick just a few cute ones.

While we were in Idaho the boys were excited to have snow and to get to play in it. Sledding was something that has been planned every since they knew we were going. So it's a good thing the weather cooperated and we had snow. Here they are sledding.

The boys got some new suits for church. Andrew's had to be hemmed all over including like 6 inches on the pants-- hmmm, maybe that means he's short. Here they are looking pretty handsome.

Derek has played Fantasy Football almost every year since he was like 10. Back then he had to calculate all the scores by hand himself. Now its all done on the computer-- so much easier. After running his teams for him while he was in Iraq I got brave and had my own teams the next year. It was actually quite fun and I enjoyed it. So, this year I played again even though he was gone. It was a little scary as I had to draft my players and manage my teams all by myself. I had done it myself the year before too but I always had Derek to consult with too. He wasn't around to consult with this year so I was totally on my own. But I am happy to report that I had three teams all of which made it to the play-offs and one even won the championship game! That's right-- I won!! The particular league I won in I had to get special permisson to join. It's filled with pretty die-hard players and the guy I beat is the reigning champ of like 2 or 3 years. Go me!! I also wanted to point out that although Derek makes it to the championship game almost every year and has played since he was 10 he has never actually won a championship. I, on the other hand, have only played for two years and I have two championships under my belt (I won one last year too). As I said-- Go me!!! But don't ask my anything about football cause I still don't know anything. But I can fake it sometimes cause I know the names of players and teams. (HE! HE!) The league is made up of Raiders fans so I am the Powder Puff Pirate.

While we were in Idaho we got the wonderful opportunity to attend the open house for the Rexburg L.D.S. Temple. I was so excited as I lived just outside of Rexburg as a little so its partly home to me and my grandfather always said there would be a temple there someday and it was even built in the sport where he said it would be. Cool! It was beautiful and the boys really enjoyed going too. Here's some pictures.

And lastly I just had to post this picture because I think its so cute. Here are our two Kendalls-- Great-Grandpa Kendall Davidson and Andrew Kendall.

And now we are back home and settling in-- it takes awhile to adjust to the two hour time difference, especially when you are a night person. But we are trying! We are so excited for it to finally be 2008 as that brings us ever closer to Derek coming home. Can't wait!!


Suzie-Q said...

It took you long enough!!
Gee, some poepl just aren't doing very well this year with blogging.... Just kidding I know that you have been busy. It is great to see what is going on I love your little men in black I think it is great!

Fisher Family said...

WTG Fantasy Football champ! If I play next year I know who to consult now. How fun..Christmas w. family, snow, new suits...glad you had a nice time. I love the pictures of the Rexburg Temple. BYU-Idaho Alumni

Shiloah B. said...

Such cute, cute pictures! Loved them all!