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Monday, January 21, 2008


For Christmas the boys got lightsabers. They were so excited to show them to their two little friends who also had lightsabers. They took them outside to show them off and play. I came in the house and when I came back just a few minutes later there were 12 kids out there all with lightsabers playing Star Wars. It was so cute! After that for the next few days it was the big thing and everyone would congregate on the playground behind our house with lightsabers in hand to play Star Wars. Timothy wanted to play so bad-- he thinks he's big enough. So one day when there were only my boys and their two friends I found him another play sword and let him go out to play too. He was in heaven! He ran right over and jumped right in. He knew just what to do. Once again-- It was so cute! And the bigger boys were so good to let him play too. They all had so much fun.


Suzie-Q said...

I think this is so cute! Oh and you little Brian winking is adorable! If I had my own lightsaber I would be out there too. Of course I would have to first fight my son for a chance to use it.
Hope your anjoying you cold weather

Fisher Family said...

Little boys and lightsabers...can you get any better than that. Love the pictures!