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Monday, January 12, 2009

The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly!

First off, "The Good"-- A baby update:
We had our ultrasound on Friday and it brought us much good news. Our "little" Kylie gained more weight than she ever has before, weighing in at an estimated 4# 3 Oz. Philip slowed down a little to let her catch up, and weighed in at an estimated 4# 10 oz. Now there is only an 8.8% difference in their sizes. So now they are no longer worried about Kylie's size or the difference between the two. Yea!

More good news came when they discovered that the placenta, that they had finally decided wasn't going to move at all, actually moved completely off the cervix. It now lies about 1 cm to the side which is just enough to have a normal vaginal delivery.

Thanks to everyone for all your prayers in our behalf-- I know they made the difference!!

And the rest of the good news-- we now have a date to expect these babies. I am scheduled for an induction/c-section on January 26th. I say induction/c-section because they will re-evaluate the placenta and the babies positions at that time and decide which way will work the best. Hopefully all will go well. I just hope that in the end we don't end up like my sister with a vaginal delivery and a c-section. Sorry Becky, but I don't want to be like you in everything. :) Anyway, at that point I will be to 36. 5 weeks, which is considered full term for twins. Now I just hope we last that long! I had contractions most of the day on Sunday. Luckily the babies listened when Brian told them that they needed to stay in there longer and couldn't come yet. He is such a good brother. :)

I am doing well. I continue to be tired all the time and standing and walking are almost impossible at times. So it may be a long two weeks-- but we can make it! 

"The Bad:"
Timothy is not having a good start to the year. Last Monday while the kids were getting ready for bed they were running around being wild (imagine that!!). In the process he fell, probably he was pushed, and hit the corner of our bed frame with his face. He cut a large gash in his neck just to the side of and below his chin. It was bad enough that after one glance we knew he needed to go to the ER (I could see the fat poking out). So off to the ER he and Derek went. (To bad Derek was supposed to be home typing a 6 page paper that was due at 7 the next morning and he only had one page written-- oops!) He ended up with 6 lovely stitches.
Well that was on Monday, on Friday, he fell out of a wagon and landed on his face. He scraped his cheek and the end of his nose really good and also landed on a rock that cut the side of his face near his eye. The cut near his eye was rather deep and didn't want to stop bleeding so off to the ER he and Derek went again. This time he ended up with 2 stitches. Poor kid!! At least they were able to remove the first 6 stitches while he was there too.
Then on Sunday he fell off the bench at church and hit his head on the bench in front of us. At least that only made a scuff on his forehead and it was on the opposite side of the stitches near his eye.

Lastly, "The Ugly" (can you say that about your own child?):
Here are a few pictures of poor T. With all his cuts and scrapes he looks pretty rough. He seems to have skin like his mothers too-- sensitive to the adhesive on tape and bandaids. They had us keep bandaids on the stitches and they caused his skin to get all red and inflammed and even peeled it off in some places. So now he looks even more "rough" than he did in these pictures. Plus he ended up with a black eye. Hmm. . . now he just came to me and his nose is bleeding where he apparently just picked off a scab. Poor kid!! Good thing he's a boy and supposedly, "Chicks dig scars!" Maybe we should get him a football helmet? The problem with that is he knows what it's used for so it might make him be more wild just so he can try it out. :)

The first stitches on his chin:
The stitches near his eye:
His scraped up face:

The cut on his chin after the stitches have been removed:


Yeehaw said...

Oh man! I agree that you may need to send that boy out with a helmet & full body gear.
Good luck on keeping the twins in the oven another couple weeks!!

Jessica S. said...

Oh goodness, poor Timothy! Takes a lickin' and keeps on tickin'.

I am glad you are still doing well... and that the babies are growing! We talk (good) about you a lot in the Ft Bragg ward. Everyone wishes you well!

Suzie-Q said...

Yep, there is some good bad and and a little bit of ugly there.
Looks like he is healing well though.
Hope these next two weeks go well for you.

Zoey said...

Glad to hear that most things are going well in your corner of the world! When I hadn't heard from you in a few days, I had began to wonder if the twins would make an early appearance!

Meagan said...

Appropriately titled. Good luck the next couple weeks and hopefully you'll make it ER free between now and then, too, hopefully longer.

Heather said...

Poor Timothy. That boy is really keeping you on your toes.

Hooray for Kylie catching up and all going so well with the babies! I'm so excited for you! You can survive the last couple of weeks.

Kyle and Tiffany said...

That's great news about the twins! Two weeks is not long. I hope they will be patient, and wait until the 26th.

Poor, poor Timothy! Wow! I hope this week goes a little better for him.

Amy said...

Wow! What a crazy time. I am so glad the twins are doing well, and I hope you are too!

Phelps Family said...

Poor Timothy! Hopefully he'll take a break from the ER for a while.

Great news on the babies! Can't wait to hear of their arrival! Good luck these next couple weeks!

Shiloah Baker said...

Oh my goodness! Poor kid!!! He is so cute! He looks like he bore it like a little man. I hope he heals up before the babies come! ;)