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Wednesday, March 5, 2008

The Fridge Raider

I cannot keep Timothy out of my fridge! He is constantly getting in there and getting into all the food. I have had multiple jugs of milk and juice poured on the floor and all over in the bottom of the fridge. What a mess! Thank goodness the chocolate milk came out of the cream colored carpet. Wouldn't want to have to buy new carpet when I move out. Not only is this a mess but it is a huge health hazard for Andrew when it's real cow's milk that he has spilled all over. Thank goodness we haven't had any problems.

I have also lost lots of food. He and the dog-- he loves to share with her too, polished off a whole pizza. The really bad thing is it was my special Andrew safe pizza with no cheese. So in order to eat pizza the next day I had to make Andrew a whole new pizza. The recipe makes two pizzas and we only needed one. So once again there was a pizza in the fridge. This time Timothy very carefully removed all the pepperoni and ate those. Silly kid!

I have tried all sorts of things to keep him out. I bought a special child lock. It only lasted one day and he figured it out. Now it only slows him down by about 10 seconds, if that. I even removed the handle. He didn't even notice it was missing, nor did Andrew. But when Brian saw the fridge he freaked out and wanted to know where the handle was. Guess I missed the target on that one! I'm about ready to get a chain and a padlock. The problem is then the rest of us wouldn't be able to get in very easy either. If anyone has any better ideas please let me know!
Here's some photos of the little fridge raider in action. How do they learn to drink out of the carton anyway?

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