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Wednesday, March 5, 2008

A "retching" Sunday!

Church on Sunday was quite the experience and not one that I really ever want to have again. We were in middle of the passing of the Sacrament quietly waiting at our bench. Brian, who was actually standing next to me rather than sitting, looked up at me with a distressed look on his face and then proceeded to throw up all over the bench. Yea!! I clasped my hand over his mouth and was going to run down to the bathroom when the second wave came. It was more than I could hold in my hand and I didn't want to track it down the hall so at the bench we stayed. Luckily my good friends were sitting in from of us. They turned around to see what was going on. She quickly handed me her jacket to catch the rest and then both she and her husband jumped up to go grab something to clean it up with (they ended up cleaning up the whole mess for me). As soon as I thought we could make it I once again clasped my hand over his mouth and we ran to the bathroom. On the way out I passed my other very good friend and had her grab the other kids for me.

On that day more than any other I was so grateful for good friends. I don't know what I would have done without them. As I think about it I am reminded of a scripture in the Doctrine and Covenants. In Section 84 verse 88 it says, ". . . I will be on your right hand and on your left. . . and my angels round about you to bear you up." On that day those angels were all around me and they came in the form of my dear friends. Thanks!!

There were things I had to take care of in primary (the children's organization that I am in charge of) so we weren't able to go home. Luckily although Brian didn't feel good he didn't throw up anymore (until we got home anyway) and he hadn't gotten any throw up on his or my clothes. So we were able to stay and I was able to take care of my responsibilites.

As I mentioned he did throw up several more times before the day was over but it was at home so it wasn't as bad. At least he is young enough that although he feels bad for throwing up at church its not demoralizing to him. He was able to make it back to school by Tuesday and all seems to be well now. Luckily no one else has gotten it!

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