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Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Timothy's New Trick

Watch Timothy's new trick:

Wow he makes that look easy!! And that was only like the fourth time he had done it.

Yesterday I laid him down for his afternoon nap. A few minutes later he was standing next to me. Surprise! I recently gave him a pillow and was hoping that maybe he had used that to get out. Thus I could remove it and he would stay put. So I took him back and put him in bed and then stood around the corner to watch what would happen. Footage much like in the posted video is what I saw. Too bad he didn't use the pillow. Now I'm not sure if I will ever get him to take a nap again. He won't stay in bed. He is such a climber that I knew this would happen someday and was somewhat surprised that he hadn't figured it out already. But I was glad that he hadn't yet. None of the other boys learned to climb out of their cribs before they were ever moved out of them. But then again none of the other boys ever did a lot of the things that Timothy does. He sure keeps me busy! On Monday he got Andrew's bottle of Singulair (asthma medication). He opened the child proof lid and ate one. He also ate the silicon gel thing inside that says "DO NOT EAT!" Luckily he was okay and there were no problems. Crazy kid!!


Suzie-Q said...

Jodi, I love that you wait and wait to do a post and then all of the sudden you do 5 in one day!!! What is the deal with that? I don't know what to tell you about your little T but he is a naughty little boy! You can tell him I saud so too. Aren't you glad that you have a good dog to help you clean up the mess that he leaves from cleaning out the frigde. I just hope that Shady doesn't get sick from eatting too much people food. Really cool Chompsticks too what creative little boys you have that even if they didn't get to eat what everybody else was eating they still got to use the cool utensils.
Hope that you figure out something to do with T and that A doesn't get sick with all that milk around. Love you!!!

Marie said...

Jodi, Timothy's new trick was awesome! I was giggling just watching him climb out so quickly.... I only smile though because it is your child and not mine. =) Good Luck with nap time! --Marie

Fisher Family said...

wow..what a little gymnist. That was a fun video. Not so much for mom though. You guys must be getting close.

Phelps Family said...

T definitely keeps you on your toes...I wonder what kind of mischief he'll get into when he's older. I have to admit it was very amusing watching him climb out of his crib, but that's only because it's your child and not mine. Good luck!