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Thursday, November 1, 2007

Carving our Pumpkin

Well since I have such a great track record with using knives (I always cut myself) I wasn't sure if we should attempt to carve our pumpkin without Derek. But I got brave and we did it anyway and I am glad to report that we all came through with all of our fingers intact. The boys designed the face. Lucky for me it was something easy. Brian kept telling me throughout the whole process that he wasn't so sure if we could really do it without Daddy. I wasn't sure either but we seemed to make do. But it was definitely a time when we all noticed his absence. As I have mentioned before this is the first time since even before we were married that Derek and I have not gotten to carve pumpkins together. It was our first date so it is something that is very special to us.
Brian is my budding photographer. I was busy working on the pumpkin so he took several of the pictures for us. So you actually get to see me in some pictures for a change.


Suzie-Q said...

I'm so glad that you still have all your fingers and that the pumpkins aren't alittle bloody too. Hehehe!
we know that it was hard for you to do with out derek but I'm sure the kids enjoyed it and you'll always remember this halloween as the one that you had to do all the work-- Derek didn't have to do all the carving this year.
Oh ok I know that you help but still. (I just sit back and watch, rob is very fun to just watch)

Phelps Family said...

Yay for having all your fingers intact when all was said and done. I'm glad you had fun carving the pumpkin with your boys even though Derek wasn't able to be there. At least he knows he is greatly missed and not just because he carves pumpkins well!