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Friday, November 23, 2007

Thanksgving in Afghanistan

Yes-- Derek did get to have Thanksgiving in Afghansitan. He said it was pretty much just a normal day just with a really big dinner. The head cook takes a lot of pride in his work and Derek says that it shows. So he says that the food was pretty good. There was a reporter there from the New York Times (the above picture came from his story). Here is a link to the story he wrote:

Derek is not mentioned in the story but he ate dinner with the reporter and SSG White, the soldier it talks about at the end of the story, is one of Derek's Fire Supporters and is his right hand man right now. Also if you view the slideshow the soldier holding the tray in slide #9 is another one of the guys Derek works with.

The picture below was also taken by the reporter but not printed anywhere. It is some of the guys Derek works with and the French soldiers. (Derek is in the backrow, just off to the right of the middle. SSG White is the first US Soldier in the back row on the left). It was taken on the roof of their building. (And, YES-- that really is the way the French wear their barrets. Derek thought they were just joking when they first put them on. But they weren't).

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Fisher Family said...

Thank you for this post Jodie. It was touching to see and read. I am really laughing at the whole French soldiers and their barrets. Isn't that who we got the whole barret idea from. Too funny.