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Thursday, November 22, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving!!

The boys and I enjoyed a nice little Thanksgiving dinner together, with just the four of us. I didn't cook a turkey because even the smallest ones would have been way too much for us. So we had a chicken instead. The boys didn't care. In fact they were excited to eat the chicken. It fell apart when I pulled it out of the crock pot-- thats why it looks funny on the plate. But it tasted wonderful-- it all did.
Here is Brian and Andrew showing off our dinner. We had chicken, rolls, corn, candied yams, stuffing, carrots, and pumpkin pie. One very special thing about this dinner is every dish is totally "Andrew Safe"-- no milk, eggs, or nuts in our Thanksgiving dinner, not even the pumpkin pie!

Here are the boys eating their dinner. They actually ate it really well.

Brian thought he needed to have his mouth open if it was a picture of him eating.

So then Andrew thought he had to open his mouth too. Silly boys!! (Notice his black eye. He fell and hit it on a display case at the store. He cut it open and it bled all over. What a shopping experience that was!!)

At least Timothy kept his mouth closed. I think he is the only one of the boys that polished off his whole plate. He loves food!

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